With its origins in the 15th century and links to the Cistercian monks of nearby Forde Abbey, Glebe House is a complex building of significant historical importance.  Owner Mark Agnew and his family have spent over 15 years revealing the former vicarage’s many stories, recording its history and undertaking a major programme of repair and renovation.  As a craftsman himself, Mark’s expectations were high when the time came to re-render the building in lime plaster.

“After years incased in impervious cement render, the building was very damp and we had numerous rotten windows and doors to replace. Dave’s team set about re-rendering, while a stonemason replaced failed ham stone detailing and I custom built 30 windows and doors.

Along the way, we had daily decisions to make about small but important details.  Dave’s experience and craftsman’s eye proved of great value in helping me make the right choices.  He was spot-on in his estimates and his crew were a pleasure to work with - always professional, tidy and good company.  The quality of the finish now does justice to the building.” - Mark Agnew


Project Summary

Re-render exterior in lime plaster

Lime wash exterior

An historic West Dorset vicarage

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