“We built this in the garden of our old family home.  We wanted a space for relaxing, for parties and for cooking outdoors all year round. 

We used only materials that were on site or close at hand - nothing new, no cement or concrete.  The main structure looks like a layer cake and shows the different colours and textures of our various local subsoils.  The roof is constructed of local timber, old carpet and turf.  The bread oven is made from cob and re-claimed brick.

The garden house is a great showcase for cob - its eco credentials, its beauty and its utility.  We’ve had a lot of fun using this space and I’m sure future generations will continue to do so.” - David Joyce


Project Summary

12ft x 8ft cob roundhouse

Timber & turf roof

Bread oven

Lime render

Limewashed interior

Wooden floor

Garden House

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